SIGMO (Brand Meaning, Information and Organizational Communication) is a research nucleus composed by professors, researchers and undergraduates, masters and PhD students based at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, which runs with the support of CNPq Council.  The research nucleus includes projects and isolated studies on themes related to the meaning of symbolic elements that represent brands or organizations, and studies on information, mediation and organizational communication.

SIGMO’s mission is to propose collection, develop and offer knowledge about human-technological systems and strategies of signification, information, design and organizational communication. The knowledge areas directly related to the studies and research of the group are: Marketing Integrated Communication, Educational Communication, Media Knowledge, Design, Aesthetics and Semiotics, where knowledge is recovered, developed and directed to the media management, information and communication in organizations, especially corporate’s brand communication.

The group develops research related to the activities of the Coordinator (Richard Perassi) and members in the following postgraduate programs: (1) Graduate Program in Design and Graphic Expression (PostDesign EGR / CCE / UFSC) and (2) Graduate Program in Knowledge Engineering and Management (EGC / CTC / UFSC).

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